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Car competition is changing, both in technology and entertainment. A few years ago, major motorsports championships had ensured spectators and sponsorships without much effort in promotion. It is known that where the audiences are, the attention of the manufacturers is also present, improving the show, and creating a winning spiral.

We do not have to be very observant to realize how much the entertainment industry has changed. New alternatives are constantlyappearingand competing with motorsport events. Formula E is the example of how we should reinvent our sport. An event where, for the first time, there can be a conditioning of the result, with the ability of the fans to interact in real-time using the voteon "FANBOOST".

These are the type of events and innovation that inspire us at Oeiras Eco Rally - Portugal. This year, we will be pioneers again with the inclusion of a “street stage”, allowing us to get closer to the public and the potential customers of alternative energy vehicles.

Fortunately, we found the right partner in Oeiras Municipality, presided by Isaltino de Morais, a person who knows the future of sustainable mobility. PRIO also believed in Oeiras Eco Rally - Portugal and didn’t hesitate to be a partner in our event, which ends next to its facilities on the beach of Santo Amaro de Oeiras.

Once again, we have our team committed to create a sustainable future leading event! We are here to help creating a better future ... not only for us, but mainly for our children.


Paulo Almeida
Organising Committee President


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